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Six Month Anniversary | Citizens expands south along the east coast

Following their planned acquisition of 80 HSBC branches in 2021 - Citizens reached out to Bisbano to help aid in their conversion process.

Starting in June 2021, our team, led by Robert Monahan, started a three week long commitment to help document and 3D scan existing conditions of approximately 11 properties in preparation for the design phase of this venture.

In July of 2021 our team kicked off the design phase of the project; managed, led and closely supervised by our very own Jeremy Wise. Bisbano created drawings for all 80 locations following weekly coordination meetings with all Citizens vendors. Following this, consistent meetings were held with each selected contractor in an effort to minimize questions while on site to begin the conversion process.

After nearly 7 months of careful coordination and planning, a grouping of our team members traveled to New York City to help aid in the on-site transition process over President's Day weekend - spanning over 35 properties.

We are so humbled and honored to be part of this milestone in Citizens' expansion history and look forward to many more milestones to come.

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