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erin d'allesandro


Growing up in rural Delaware I looked forward to family trips to Rhode Island where I first fell in love with architecture. After obtaining an Associates degree in Architectural Engineering at DTCC I furthered my studies at Roger Williams University where I completed the Master’s program.


Post-graduation I have had the privilege to work on a wide variety of projects mostly under the umbrellas of light commercial and residential. Three years of this work was in Delaware before joining Bisbano + Associates and relocating to Rhode Island. Some of the project types have included ground up residences and residential additions of various scales, multi-family housing, new multi-tenant commercial buildings, tenant fit-outs for restaurants and small businesses, hotels, and daycares.


With each project there is a different client with their own set of needs and preferred style. It is learning how to adjust on an as need basis and working with the client that I find the most rewarding part of this profession. I look at my job as a designer to be a guide for the client in navigating the process of project completion from the overall concept and design to code and construction. In working with the client, you get to know them as a person and with that personal connection comes the most rewarding designs.


“Architecture is the thoughtful making of spaces.”

– Louis I. Kahn

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