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matt silva


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been awestruck by ancient ruins, sprawling cathedrals and larger than life structures. The process in how these pieces came together; and stayed together was a marvel beyond my comprehension, but one that continued to pique my interest. At the time, my response was to build anything as high as my childhood bedroom ceiling would allow fabricated from K’nex pieces.

During my teenage years I also discovered a hobby in gaming. Regardless of the genre, I would constantly find myself captivated by the buildings, paying no mind to the current objective. The little details provided by the developers were what I could appreciate; the extra step taken to make everything whole.

Naturally, I decided to pursue a career in architecture in which case I started a six-year stint at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI where I was able to acquire some great knowledge by local architects. I graduated from RWU in 2013 armed with an M. Arch degree and a passion for creating great design in a collaborative environment.

I found my niche here at B+A in 2015 and through my experience, have come to understand that it is the little details that matter most. And this is how all the architectural marvels that have continued to interest me were created.

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